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whether you are an affiliate, agency or merchant AffiliateResults gets the RESULTS you want!

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Our affiliates can be assured of state of the art tracking & reporting systems with guaranteed uptime. Dedicated managers work with you 1-to-1 and unique in the affiliate marketing world ALL payments are client account ring fenced!


We work closely with agencies to ensure top class development of your clients' affiliate marketing programmes. We aim to not only hit but exceed your sales expectations using the latest technology to target customers for your client.


As a merchant we aim to give you everything you need to run a successful online marketing campaign. Our expanding affiliate base get paid on results to ensure the best possible efficiency, performance and ROI for your programmes.



We understand affiliates like to get into niche markets and programs so we aim to specialise in these areas. Affiliate marketing is all about driving sales to merchants (advertisers) on a "paid on results" basis. This method of marketing is very convenient and works so well it has become the industry's main marketing tool. As a network we work with merchants to build their online marketing presence and present a workable campaign that is not only attractive to our affiliates but at the same time cost effective and productive for our merchants.


Each campaign is cutom built and pays out to affiliates in line or above usual industry standards to ensure a good uptake of affiliate activity. Payments can be based on CPA (cost per action or aquisition), CPL (cost per lead), CPC (cost per click), CPS (cost per sale) or other bespoke payouts depending on the type of product or service being promoted.


Affiliates use links be they basic text links, banner ads or more complex data feeds and content units to promote the merchants' campaigns. Most merchants already have some creatives and media but we can also provide all of these and tailor them for merchants AND affiliates... sometimes affiliates need custom creative to fit in to the look and feel of their websites and we are more than happy to assist in this.