Frequently Asked Questions
We have tried to answer the most commonly asked queries below.
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The default method of payment is by Bank Transfer. If you cannot receive this type of payment please let us know and we will look in to the possibility of setting up another payment method on your account for example by cheque or international wire transfer.
Each month usually within the first two weeks, a self billing invoice is raised on your behalf for the previous month's validated and confirmed activity and payment will be made by the end of that month and should hit accounts by the end of the first week of the following month regardless of whether the Client/Merchants of the products or services you have promoted have made payment to us. However, this is a discretional practice on our behalf and ultimately we will only be liable for payments actually received from the Client/Merchants. Please see clause 2 paragraph 4 of the terms and conditions for more information on this.
There is no payment threshold for bank transfers. If you have requested payment by cheque or any other method there is a threshold of £50 which your account needs to reach before we can make a payment.
Our system automatically generates a self-billing invoice on your behalf. This will be available for you to view, print or download in your account area but you do not need to send this to us.
First check we have the correct bank details for you in your account area. If these are correct and your account status does not indicate any campaign suspensions please let us know and we will look at the situation for you.
Currently we can only make payments in UK Sterling (GBP). is our dedicated link server. It provides the technology for tracking all the affiliate links through our network. It is built on a robust platform with mirrored backup protection to ensure ALL your clicks get through and are tracked properly.
CPL, CPA and PPC are generally the types of payout that are available for each campaign:
cpl = cash per lead - payment made per valid lead regardless of whether it completes/converts.
cpa = cash per action/application - payment made per completed sale/application.
ppc = pay per click - payment made per unique click.

EPC and CTR are to do with the tracking of sales/leads etc:
epc = earnings per click - an average earning (sales divided by total number of clicks.
ctr = click through rate - no. of ad clicks divided by the no. of times the ad was delivered.